Designed by Eduardo Arroyo of the Spanish studio NO.MAD Arquitectos and photographed by the architectural photographer Roland Halbe, Zafra-Uceda is a two-story polygonal anthem of modern metal architecture.  Literally designed on top of a golf course, the wire-mesh façade was designed both as an intricate artistic accent as well as a very practical shield against stray golf balls.  But there are many other creative accents incorporated into Casa Zafra’s design: there is only a view of the interior cactus garden from the second floor huge enclosed terraces; jagged holes are punched throughout the exterior of the home so that at different times of the day the sunlight can fall into and naturally light the dramatically sleek interior space; and there are no doors to divide any of the rooms in the interior space.  But for all of its unique kinks, the building’s design certainly is creatively incorporated into its unique surroundings.  – via