Fused from the remnants of gathered leaves, VerTerra’s biodegradable plates are natural in several design senses.  First they are made of natural materials, as the leaves are pressure washed, sanitized in UV light, and then pressed into their forms without using additives.  Second, though they’re microwave safe, they will completely break down into (essentially) soil after 2 months if tossed into the compost.  Third, the plate’s design is an unfussy reflection of the ecological theme: smooth, naturally-colored, simple and direct.  For the more ecologically design-conscience, VerTerra’s plates would have a powerful impact and definitely gives you some moral high ground, whether or not you decide to take it.  At the very least, they’re great for those who feel bad about wasting water when washing dishes, but don’t want to use those tacky Styrofoam plates. – via