Here’s a crazy design idea: draw on your kitchen floor! Designer Olle Hemmendorff came up with it after she bought a new apartment and really wanted to get rid of the wooden floor. She did not want the value of her apartment to decrease, so she did not resort to “drastic” measures such as replacing the existing floor with a plastic one or painting over it. Instead she bought a roll of self-adhesive vinyl film and doodled some interesting drawings on it.

Here are some words of the designer regarding this out-of-the ordinary but really cool idea: “I don’t need something to last for 10 years, if it looks good for one year and is easy to remove it’s way better! And it’s cheap too. So i bought a roll and tried it out. The result is great. The film is so thin you can even see the structure of the wood on it. It’s like paint that you can tear up as many times as you wish. And you don’t need to grind or polish the floor, just vacuum it before you apply the film. It doesn’t leave any marks or traces of glue on my floor, but i don’t know if that goes for every type of wood. And it’s more durable than you think. After a couple of months you will have a few minor tears. But not much worse than a painted floor. And i love the feeling of disposability in interiors, it enables you to experiment with it.
Like turning it into a huge doodle. ”