The game of Tetris has inspired many designers throughout the years. These Modular Tetris shelves are another practical influence of the hugely successful puzzle game.  From Brave Space design, the Tetrad Flat Shelving is a set of ten colored pieces in the popular shapes of the game. The shelves are made of wood, although their backings are entirely metallic. The blocks can be simply spread individually around your apartment, hung on a wall, or connected together to form a bookcase. You can arrange them in any way you like and use them for storing CD’s, books, magazines or any other objects that you have lying around your house . The finish is said to be stain resistant and easy to maintain. We found out that the set has a rather steamy price. You can get this ten blocks set at $ 1500 or an upgraded version for $2000, a sum that is not too high considering the creativity of the design and the endless possibilities in which you can use the Tetris blocks.  – via