One of the things that comes to mind when thinking of relaxation and wellness is a steam shower. Admit it! There is nothing you would like better than a soothing steam therapy after a long day’s work. We realized that, which is why we would like to present to you this high-class Body & Soul steam shower from Artweger. Everything about this exquisite cabin is controlled by a remote which can be placed in a safe and accessible charging place. The air nozzle can be moved around so the steam could emerge from the direction of your choice. However, the things that will take your breath away are this shower’s special features: the color light moods and the audio system. This implies a  radio, two speakers, and a USB port for listening to your favorite  MP3 songs. Each of these features are optional and so are the sits or benches. Still, for a complete steam shower experience, all elements should be combined. For ordering this product online, you can get in touch with the manufacturers here.  Via Artweger