Interactive design is the new wave of the future. Lamps that lit up when you touch them, wardrobe doors that glide when you clap your hands, these are just a few of the examples you’ve seen here on Freshome.  Today we would like to present another creative way of interacting with a product.  Modi sofa is a modular furniture system that can be arranged in any way the owner would like. This is possible due to the fact that it consists of foundation holes and plenty of cushions that you can combine together to form the furniture shapes of your choice.

The ways in which you can arrange thesecushions to form a couch are practically unlimited. It is all up to your creativity. In case you have guests and need some extra chairs, the Modi Sofa is a great alternative. Entertain your visitors while easily putting together a few comfortable chairs or benches for them to sit on while watching TV.


The design idea comes from an Italian company called Moredesign. You can order the Modi Sofa by getting in contact with the manufacturers here. – via