Behind the ‘East-Meets-West’ wall clock by Kit Men stands a creative design idea: the blending of two cultures. From far away the two separate clocks seem to have some incomprehensible art forms on the margins, but as you see the product up-close, this changes and the zodiac characters are visible and clear. This is exactly what the designer himself intended: “up close each zodiac symbol is clearly visible, the dual-time function is clearly apparent with the symbols of the Chinese zodiac on the left depicting time in the East while the symbols from the zodiac on the right presenting the time in the West. Moving further away the image begins to transform from zodiac symbols to classically intricate picture of decorative motifs”.

The clock comes in two versions so you can choose the one that goes the best with your interior.  The dimensions 35.5 x 81.3cm are medium, so establishing a place for this modern clock will not be an issue. For getting in contact with the designer, you can follow this link.