Renewable energy and alternative sources of energy are some of the buzz words that we are hearing daily. The fact that the principles of sustainability are embraced by the design industry is remarkable. These solar roof tiles are an example of how some designs can be creative and environmental friendly at the same time. SRS Energy is the company that has taken design to another level. The tiles are completely embedded in the design, so it is basically impossible for your neighbors or anybody else for that matter to tell the difference.

We quote from the site of the manufacturers: “SRS Energy roofing tiles are designed to capture and convert sunlight into cost-saving electricity without compromising aesthetics. The tiles are offered as an integrated upgrade to a traditional roofing purchase. Added to the protection and curb appeal expected from a premium roofing system, homeowners are able to capitalize on solar electricity as sustainable value”.

The roof with the embedded tiles can currently be purchased only in USA . However, you can find out more information or get in contact with the firm or fill in a contact form here.