There is something fascinating about puzzles, whether they are in the classical form of a game or in any other. Children love them, adults can’t get enough of them and the design industry seems to have fully taken advantage of their popularity. This cocktail table, part of the Puzzle Collection is a great example of how puzzles interact with furniture and design in general. Produced by Patou Design, this seemingly ordinary table (when not expanded) can twist and turn in order to fit your needs of space. It is also very useful for those times guests will surprise you and drop by uninvited. Simply take out the puzzle table and expand it. You should be careful around children, we are guessing that the temptation would be substantial. Once the table is set, the cocktails madness can start.

As we stated before, what is especially stunning about this table is its versatility. Notice how it can be used as three separate tables or as one table “made” by two pieces tide together using the help of glass. If you want to purchase this product or the other items in the Puzzle Collection, you can do so by accessing this link. However, the price is not specified. Production and shipping take from 4 to 10 weeks. There is also a contact form that you can use to type in any significant details about you order. The table is custom made, so e creative and think of all those exotic drinks!