Aquaplus Solutions redefines elegance in teenage colors by launching the “Lilac” bathroom design. Suitable for teenager girls or for young ladies that want their own very special powder room, “Lilac” not only comes with a fresh view on bathroom furniture, but also provides the female-owner with a certain joy of possession. Just imagine how entering this classy interior every morning must feel. Although quite fancy and luxurious, the set maintains a feeling of simplicity and elegance. Some items in these particular pictures are organized in pairs, which inspires order and cleanness. However, you can decide for yourself what piece goes where and choose your own arrangement. With such amazing elements to fit into place, there is practically no way you can go wrong

The “Lilac” set seems organized up to its smallest details. These are perfectly combined in creating a complete and pleasant bathroom experience. The pink rugs and towels on the floor add up to the impression of softness, because, after all… this is a bathroom for girls. This innovative set includes a shower tray (1200mm-by-80mm or 1400-by-80mm which costs 585 British pounds), the Lilac bidet and toilet (priced around 305 BP) and the Fly washbasin (starting from 585 BP). You can get them all at once, or just order the items that you like most and embed them in a bathroom design of your own.

We hope we have given you enough information about this simple and yet fascinating bathroom arrangement. However, for more details or for ordering some of these products online feel free to visit Aquaplus Solutions.