In case you wonder how beautiful a 1903’s flat could be transformed into, then we quite simply could not show you something more up to date than this three-room flat at Nordhemsgatan 54 A in Linnéstaden. Designed beautifully at the top floor of a four storey apartment, this 72 meter square apartment has been refurbished to combine its classical manner from last century and some modern approach from this century. Experience that wonderful feeling when you step on its fine pine planks floored bedroom while viewing stunning scenery from the window, smelling that past aroma. Stay free, high, and beautiful with this beyond fantasy interior which has a great light accommodation, making every room flooded with natural light. And although it has been “sold” the monthly price to rent it is 4,461 SEK (about $563 at today’s rate) and it includes heat, VA, and cable television. – via