Hiroshi was asked to design a wallpaper for Bloompapers, a Barcelona-based wallpaper supplier. When one thinks of Japan or Japanese culture, it is likely that minimalism, order, and ancient customs come into mind, along with karoke, geishas, and sushi. Yet with this project, Hiroshi strayed from these conventional symbols and was inspired by an object that represents Japanese urban life to him.Denchu is the Japanese word for utility pole. Hiroshi believes that although very chaotic with a ‘mess’ of cables, this chaos is also beautiful. Electrical light poles are a symbol of progression and city life, not an easily understandable symbol but one that certainly contrasts the norm.

Additionally, this image that is so familiar to Hiroshi does not exist in Spanish metropolitan life. Utility wires are kept underground in Spanish cities, which makes this design all the more striking to the Spanish. This wallpaper design comes seven color choices: blue, green, orange, red, pink, sky blue, and white. There are three standard sizes but Denchu can be customized to fit any wall, just type in the dimensions your wall requires and voila.