The Inspiration Falls Brown Marble Copper Round Wall Fountain is a simple decoration, despite its complicated and dauntingly long name. And while “simple” isn’t always best for an interior decoration, I must say that this particular fountain’s minimalist aesthetic serves only to enhance its natural charm. Really, this fountain is a stunning and visually dramatic focal point for any room in your home or office. This fountain, a part of the greater “Inspiration Falls” lineup, is handcrafted from real brown marble, so no two wall fountains will ever be exactly alike. And for a little extra flair, the marble facade actually encases petrified tree roots, which is a really amazing little touch. Every time I look at this fountain, I see something new in it; it surprises me how something so ostensibly static can really be such a dynamic piece of living art! And because of the rough and uneven surface of the fountain, the water never cascades down the face the same way. Take one look at this wall fountain, and you’ll be instantly mesmerized.

Also, I can’t help but admire the color design here: the brown marble and the bright copper tones (the rounded trim is made from real, sturdy copper) go really well together, especially when you use the three halogen lights recessed into the top portion of the wall fountain. They illuminate the whole fountain in a very dramatic and beautiful way that I can’t quite describe in words. It doesn’t quite “brighten up a room,” but it certainly adds a level of class and sophistication to your home that other decorations simply can’t.

The pump is pretty quiet, but I don’t know about “whisper” quiet. You probably won’t notice it unless you actually listen for it. I wouldn’t recommend placing it near a bed; sure, it’s pretty quiet for a water fountain, but it still makes some noise, so light sleepers are advised to install this wonderful fountain away from their bedchambers. All in all, this is a very soothing and attractive fountain despite its subtle appearance, and a great bargain for anyone looking to really add some flair to their interior design. To learn more about this wall fountain you can go here.