If you like to listen music at home then here is something that you might want. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System lets you play all the music you want, all over your house and control it all from the palm of your hand. With ZonePlayers in the rooms of your choice and a full-color Controller in hand, you can add music to every part of your life and every room in your house. The system is built around a high-quality wireless network, so no rewiring in required and it can be controlled from any room in the house.

The sleek and unobtrusive design blends well with any home décor and it was engineered to work right out of the box, so set-up is simple. Sonos provides you with instant access to millions of songs and stations — including music files stored on your computer, free Internet radio stations, and the most popular online music services. The system gives you the freedom to listen to music in up to 32 rooms simultaneously – play the same song in different rooms or different songs in each room. You can also use the iPhone and iPod Touch to work as the controller to navigate the music. Simply grab the Controller and pick a room, pick a song and hit play. You can purchase this little music gadget for $999 for a bundle and also find more info from here.