Today you’ve gonna see something really innovative, an easy way to decorate your living room without messing up the decor. As we all know most computers don’t really fit into stylish living rooms, but taiwanese manufacturer ECS came out with this great looking computer at E3. At a first look you might think that this was a DIY project made by a DIY enthusiast, but but it’s actually something made by a company that will be for sale pretty soon. ECS put a fully functioning nettop computer into a vase.

This is all possible thanks to the low-power components used in these types of computers. The PC-in –a-vase is embedded with a pretty good system configuration: with an Intel Atom 230 processor, including NVIDA ION graphics, a 2.5-inch HDD, 1GB of RAM and a Blu-Ray drive that opens up. You’ll find a couple of plugs and USB ports at the bottom of the computer vase, meaning that you won’t have pesky wires hanging around. There won’t be a clue that the body is actually a computer. – Via – Engadget & Techabob