Amidst a traditionally-inspired dome ceiling for the newly-designed renderings for the “Louvre Abu Dhabi” in the United Arab Emirates are thousands of little breaks, edges and holes that allow for a flurry of warm and charming sun light to slice in through the ceiling like the canopy of a rainforest.  As you walk down the pavilions, plazas, alleyways and canals that seemingly float as sea level, the sunlight will hit the interior of the gallery space in completely new and exciting ways.  Although these images are only renderings, the museum was design to allow for the naturalness of sunlight while keeping the interior bright and cool in the hot UAE summer days (which can literally pop up year-round).  An amazing idea for builders or designers who are looking for bright, natural light without using a light shelf, formal skylights or high windows, the final product will be no doubt an absolutely amazing architectural space. – via