HD Envy is a company that creates wall-mounted TV frames for both residential and commercial use.They took the concept to the next level with their Invidia Frames and the FastenEZ mounting system. Literally “fast and easy” to mount, the steel bracket system locks the frame in place and allows for easy removal for servicing the TV. Where you go with your design is limited only by your imagination. The Invidia line merely scratches the surface of what they can create when you order an HD Envy Custom TV Frame. Using the FastenEZ system HD Envy can attach pretty much anything but the kitchen sink to your flat screen TV!

Originally this concept was created to fill a need for a low-cost yet stylish home theater product. Complementing both traditional and contemporary decor, these TV frames provide a unique way to transform that ugly black monster on the wall into something complimentary of your taste and style. In a commercial setting, instead of staring at their black and silver plastic bezel, HD Envy TV frames allow for seamless brand cohesion. Why have the TV manufacturer’s name featured when instead you can have your brand/logo/decor on the very object that attracts everyone’s attention? HD Envy allows you a put a personal touch on what has previously been limited to ugly black or gray plastic bezels. Whether you choose to make a bold statement or blend technology with tasteful decor, HD Envy has the solution.