Designed by Evan Dublin, this brightly-hued slide chair is sure to give any room a brilliant pop of color. The Slide Chair was built from a reclaimed slide component found at a new york city salvage yard,and offers a new playful outlook on the classic wing-back chair. The whimsical stature of the chair offers a great secluded area for reading and relaxing for children of all ages.

Here are a few words about this project from Evan Dublin :

When looking for inspiration for this project I began by searching for materials at salvage yards. I was looking for something reclaimed, some kind of inspiring material or component that would offer a problem for me to solve. As soon as I visited Build It Green in Astoria, Queens I saw something inspiring, a large yellow jungle gym slide. What I found most exciting about the slide was the playful qualities that we already associate with the form, color and material. I was drawn to the concept of domesticating the plastic slide into a useful object within the home. Through developing the concept I realized the form language lent itself to a wing-back chair. Instead of completely modernizing it I wanted to hold onto classic details that would translate the essence of a wing-back chair. Details like tufting, a patina finish on the hardware and class wood working for the legs. Jonas Workroom an upholstery craftsman out of midtown Manhattan offered to sponsor the project and did all of the upholstery for free.