Call it media center, an extended TV room, a giant home theater or a complete entertainment center – at the end of the day it all comes down to one wonderful room and the delights it offers. Since a home entertainment center extends a tad bit beyond your conventional TV room by creating a whole new visual experience (an exclusive den to escape the world), let’s get down to 10 steps that will open up the doors to your personal heaven.

1. Pick a theme for the room

This can vary from one which you are already using, to a movie, game or even an environment you like. But since you might want to get that theater-like feel as you are watching your favorite flick, it’s probably best to keep it in line with the way many home theaters are basically built.

2. The type of screen

This is the most important decision of your new home theater. You need to buy something that falls into your budget but still satisfy your need. It can vary between a screen and a projector (for a very authentic movie-like experience) or a giant 70-inch plasma television as a more convenient and modern alternative (which will also come in handy for your gaming needs). If it’s just the movies, stick to the screen and the projector as they’re hard to beat.

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3. Get the location of the room right

For a giant home theater it’s the location that ultimately defines how good it really is. Make sure that the room has as few natural windows as possible and make sure that it is in a place where you do not get
disturbed by any external noises (and you don’t disturb others, too). Your home theater room has to offer plenty of privacy and the best audio and visual experience.

4. The audio equipment

A home theater is nothing without the right sound system that mimics the amazing experience of the cinema halls. Go for a sub woofer and make sure you got the speakers arranged in the acoustically right fashion so that the sound is not being disturbed. Acoustics is no easy topic to understand and get right, so it might be good to take an expert’s advice in this matter in case you want the very best.

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5. It’s all about comfort

This is your home theater, so why not have one of those large sofas for the ultimate comfort experience while viewing! Remember that by trying to mimic the theater atmosphere completely, you might be
sacrificing too much on comfort at times. So when it comes to seating, you could bring in some of those luxurious-looking seats with plenty of leg space.

6. A dark interior

There is a reason why most theaters in the world use a combination of dark purple and deep black tones for its walls and ceiling. It’s the contrast and the shades that bring in the very best on your screen. So forget about any neutral shades for this one and go as beautifully dark as possible.

7. Ergonomic design

Wires that hang all around the place and are not taken care of in the proper fashion not just look bad, but could be a real hazard in all that dark. And believe me that there’s going to be plenty of wiring to do with all the screens, audio systems and a lot more going on. So it is best to ensure that the mess is hidden away in the right way. This makes your entertainment center a lot safer and ergonomic.

8. Gaming is “special”

If you are an avid gamer, then it’s best to double up this room for both your gaming needs as well as for the viewing pleasure. If you do wish to have some fun here, then make sure you have all the extra-gadgetry readily installed with extra audio and video ports for input and output.

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9. Get the lighting right

This makes or breaks your TV. Pretty much the rule of decorating everywhere, you have to get the lighting right. Use the same ambient lighting that is generally used in theaters. But a better option would be to bring in LED lighting. This looks ultra-cool and also sets the mood perfectly by changing the light intensity. And if you wish to get real fancy you can use those tiny blue lights close to the floor, to highlight the pathway!

10. Throw in the red carpet and some old memorabilia

There are numerous ways to accessorize your entertainment center using stuff like the red carpet for a more authentic look, movie posters and memorabilia on the walls. Outside you can always add an old popcorn
machine or a pool table that makes it look like a waiting area. If you are imaginative and have the cash, there is well and truly plenty on offer here.

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