The creative lighting design company Slamp presented designer Nigel Coate’s lighting sculptures this year at Euroluce in Milan to much enthusiasm and prospect.  The first design, inspired by sea urchins and titled “Creatures,” is a colorful and exciting combination of lines and curvy shapes that remains modernist while bordering on exceptionally ornate.  Designed for three different sizes, a “Creature” light (or two) would make a striking visual emphasis for a fun room.

Coates’s sci-fi lighting design “Corona” looks like it may be echoing the design of the CERN particle accelerator or a flying saucer.  Though designed to be light with clean lines and simple colors, “Corona” is actually a very thoughtful, complex sculpture that creatively incorporates circular and diamond shapes that can be complemented in repetition throughout a sophisticated interior space.

Lastly and possibly the more creative of the three, “Pacis” is a swirling storm of lighting and would be a particularly elegant dining room lighting centerpiece.  Meant to fit magnetically over the light-fitting and finished in either white or gold, it stirs images of Roman laurel crowns and spiraling kelp reefs, which can give a contemporary, natural character to a well-groomed scheme. – via