You would think that selecting and buying a kitchen sink is a relatively easy job, but then it has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Bringing home the right sink allows you the luxury of living peacefully for sometime without worrying about washing needs too much. Bring a bad one home and you will not just lose money and time, but also plenty of peace of mind. So how exactly do you pick a kitchen sink? Read on to know more…

#1 Check the basic model

While they all may have the same on top, there are various types of kitchen sinks depending on the flush system and the way they are mounted. You can opt for an insert model, under-mounted, flush-mounted or a top-mounted sink. If you are planning for your own kitchen and it’s still in the construction phase, then you can opt for an integral sink that is in-built into your “station”.

#2 Check the quality

There are obviously many choices when it comes to materials. And you get to pick from the popular stainless steel,  to the porcelain enamel, stone blend, metal or any other fancy types. The stainless steel one is a good choice, but just make sure you do not pick one with a mirror finish. It’s great in the store, but it’s hard to maintain. Also keep in mind that the porcelain sink will last as long as you do not chip it with hard objects.

#3 Size matters

The size and style of the sink vary. However, before bringing one home, take care that you get the measurements right. Since it’s the expert who will most often install them, you need not worry about every inch as long as it’s not excessively large for your kitchen station.

#4 The faucet is important

It is before buying the kitchen sink that you need to worry about where the faucet will go, what features it sports and how well it goes with the sink. If you are looking to buy a fancy faucet that is really exotic, then ensure that it has the necessary holes that should house it.

$5 Color and style that match your kitchen

If your kitchen and faucets have a certain special running theme or a unique style, then the sink has to go along. If you have a Retro theme then use bright and bubbly colors, the minimalist look needs neutral shades and straight lines, while a classic look might need to have a finishing that resembles metal with wooden lining. It is all about blending in seamlessly.

No matter where you buy your kitchen sink, check for quality and ensure that it does not give way too much when you press on it. Also ask the expert to install it for you as it is not one of the places where you need to worry about saving cash by getting cheeky. Follow these simple rules and you will not be disappointed.