Modern living spaces are getting smaller and smaller with each passing day and for those who live in urban settings with studio apartments, every inch is a precious asset. Modern designing is becoming an art that finds the fine balance between style, aesthetic joy and utility. And the most important factor that will save you space, is making sure that you get rid of the clutter, in a wise and daft manner. Here’s our little guide to decorative storage

#1 Storage needs and the available space

An ability to understand and take into account what you are working with and what you need to finally achieve, is the single most essential aspect of creating the perfect decorative storage space. While you need to get the look, style and the decorative appeal, the basic aspect it’s still about having enough space to put your stuff in.

#2 Categorize

Decorative storage is about bringing in form and function. Therefore one needs to first categorize which accessories and items will be showcased for the decorative purpose and what will be hidden away from the eyes of the guests. Instead of stacking up cereal boxes in the kitchen cabinet, use your fancy chinaware. In the very same way, only use decorative books and other items in the living room that are worth showcasing, instead of old and unused items.

#3 Use shelves

It’s not just what you store, but also how you store. Using free-standing shelves is an old favorite and something that adds beauty to the space it adorns. But, since space is the issue of contention, most people generally prefer the in-built ones. Whatever maybe the style of your shelves, make sure they are evenly spaced and can house as much stuff as possible. For example, the design of an intended bookrack must have small and numerous shelves, while the racks in your kitchen can have larger height for various items to fit in.

#4 Folds away? Rotates? Slides?

If you take a look at modern storage spaces offered by smart furnishing providers like IKEA, you can easily bring home snazzy shelves and cabinets that rotate, fold and slide away into virtual oblivion when needed. These shelves can add great beauty to the room with their method of concealment. And the best part is they may not be neat and tidy, but still have that decorative appeal you wished for.

#5 Vintage chests and crafty DIYs

There is something magical about vintage stuff that is hard to replicate no matter how much you try. It is all about timeless charm and no matter what you dump inside, its decorative aspect remains unharmed. Some of these chests also come with a comfortable cushion on top and double up as seating spaces. All you need to do is go around and search with a tad bit of patience to find your smart and attractive storage chest.

#6 Other space available

Matching cabinets in the form of bathroom vanities, storage spaces under the bed and hanging shelves on the kitchen walls— add plenty of charm to the interiors. Using every room that is available is important and for this can build a custom attic in every room with a wooden finish to give you plenty of places to dump unused stuff without disturbing the beauty of the room.

Simple and ergonomic solutions for decorative storage are easy to find once you understand your needs, work within your limitations and get creative with the solutions.

Just don’t forget to mail us the final result. We always love to see more ideas!