Meeting the needs of those looking to furnish their homes with both style and sustainability, furniture designer Bob Naboicheck, the fourth generation owner of Gold Bond International, recently released ‘The Natural,’ a stylish, eco-friendly and modern-day futon. The Natural, which was designed specifically for the ‘Greenest House in America,’ is manufactured with 100 percent rubber wood – the most ecologically friendly lumber in the world. While most trees are cut down prematurely to create furniture and other lumber-related products, rubber wood is only cut down after it completes it latex cycle and 26 – 30 year life. Rubber wood is never cut down prematurely, wasted or burned – it is only used after its death to create sustainable furniture.

Too often, homeowners shy away from purchasing futons because they characterize them as a 70s or 80s design trend. In creating The Natural, Gold Bond’s vision was to develop a chic, modern-day futon that offered firm support and comfort for both lounging and sleeping. Unlike the ones from 20 years ago, today’s futons are manufactured with all the latest innovations and fashions found in traditional mattresses, including wrapped coiled springs, memory foams and even toppers.