Considering that we all spend one-third of our lives in the bed sleeping/resting,  it is essential to get nothing short of the very best for a mattress when it comes to dreams and enjoying a few lovely and intimate moments. A quality mattress that is just right will help you wilt away your worries after a long day’s work and could also prove to be therapeutic for your aching back. This is one place where you might want to go out of your way and spend the extra cash at your disposal in search of the perfect mattress. Here are a few tips that will help you get there without losing your sleep over the choices available.

#1 Select the size of the bed

This is a pretty simple part of the choice and largely depends on what mattress you already have at home, what are your needs, if you are single or a couple and how much you can afford for that extra large size that is on offer. The mattresses come in various sizes such as King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Single and many others as well. What you wish to take home is all about what you need. In case of a mattress, plan for the future and bring home one that you won’t need to change for sometime.

#2 Choose your model and stick to a name brand

In case of buying a mattress, it’s a pretty wise option to stick to the famous name brands as quality cannot be guaranteed by some anonymous small-time mattress maker. Stick to a brand you like and then choose a model of bed that you feel comfortable with. It can vary from a luxurious air bed to a more normal mattress with solid base and comforting top. It is again all about what your back feels comfortable with.

#3 Comfort comes ahead of everything else

When you buy a mattress, feel free to rest on it for a while and see exactly how it feels. Forget about the reviews and the promises of the salesman, it is your back and you that are the ultimate judge. If the feel is just right and you think you can have a comfortable nap on it, then that is the one for you. Get rid of the notion that hard beds are the best for your back. It is not always true and you could end up with some real bad aches and pains that way.

#4 Check on the upholstery layers and their make

Just give some attention to the upholstery layers and their quality. It’s what gives the mattress its feel and hence their make is important in keeping it comfy for a long period of time.

#5 Experiment with the modern and fancy options for sleeping nirvana

There are some real great and luxurious modern materials available like visco-elastic, foam and even ones filled with air chambers that have been approved by therapists as great for your back (and even healing for the minor niggles and aches). If you are game for spending a tad bit of extra cash and experimenting, then they are a great option indeed!

#6 Bargain with the salesman

In case of mattresses, it is better to get down and bargain with the salesman in good old fashioned way rather than look for discounts on similar products on the Internet or at some other dealer. In case of the mattress, it is the feel that is important and hence you cannot make a blind choice and order a similar model from somewhere else for less.

A great night’s sleep is something that is worth more than all the cash you will be spending on the mattress. Make a wise choice and rely on your senses to guide you through it. It is all about finding the sweet spot and sweeter deal!