Ever wanted to take the comfort of your living room sofa outdoors? Innovative Soft Furniture company Ambient Lounge makes this a reality with the new Elements fabric Range. It’s all about chic, comfortable Outdoor Lounging Café Del Mar style; ideal for contemporary summer living spaces. Ambient Lounge have taken the weightless comfort of bean bag polystyrene filling and combined this function with shapes that are curvaceous, supportive,fashionable and practical. Unlike many pieces on outdoor furniture, the material is soft and tactile as well as being fully waterproof, nylon-stitched and UV protected against fading.

Though waterproof material cannot be pourous or ‘breathable’, Ambient Lounge have designed a SmartVent™ system to avoid uncomfortable air pockets that would otherwise be trapped inside the bean-filled Sofa. Using the SmartVent, placed strategically behind the rear handle, air is gently pushed out of the bean bag allowing it to mould to your body shape when seated. A truly blissful experience.

In today’s hectic and financially stressful times, people cherish their diminishing leisure time and quality of life. Ambient Lounge aim to enhance everyone’s standard of (outdoor) living and provide the best in visual inspiration, unique design and total relaxation. Proudly restoring the credibility of the humble bean bag in the process.