There are built-in storage spaces and wonderful opportunities to keep your mess hidden all around your home and the bedroom is no different from the rest. But your own private hub needs to do a lot more than just store stuff while you relax and get some much needed rest. Your bedroom storage space must be ultra-organized, neat, devoid of any mess and exuding a pleasant and ambient vibe that soothes your senses.That’s why bedroom storage is crucial. Here is how you can bring home the very best …

#1 Use a combination of fitted, free-standing and built-in shelves

The obvious answer to build a good and ergonomic storage unit in your bedroom, is to use a combination of shelves that are either fitted to the wall, free-standing or built-in into the walls of the home. The combination offers you a neat look, a nice balance and a beautiful blend of all the necessary storage units. The extent to which you use each of them depends on the space available, your own needs and choices. Buy a combination of the shelves for best results.

#2 Measure the depths and lengths of your wardrobe

Before you go out to shop, measure the dimensions of the space on offer in your own bedroom. When it comes to storage options, depth is a dimension that you need to give special care. If the free space in the room is already a premium, then you might want to cut down on the depth and increase on the length and breadth dimensions.

#3 Add foldable doors to shield what lies on the inside

You can either use a foldable door (or even a sliding door) to try and conceal whatever might lie inside your bedroom closet. The doors that slide save on space and look quite neat as well. Using quality woodwork on top of these doors adds beauty to the room as well. However, just make sure the quality of the wood and the sliding mechanism is really top notch and does not deteriorate too quickly with time.

#4 Bring home the transparent boxes and pullout shelves

Ever saw those fancy storage shelves (some sort of a plastic material) in stores? They seem to make a wonderful and stylish alternative for storage options and also bring in a minimalist style to your interiors. Pullout shelves are also a fine option as they save on tons of space and can hide everything and anything inside.

#5 Drawers under the bed

The wonderful modern trend is to create an array of drawers under the bed. This is further enhanced by technology in some rare cases when you can mechanically slide away the bed to access one whole giant storage space underneath.

Buying a bed with the drawers underneath, a new shelf with sliding doors or even just a plain traditional storage chest, it is quality that is most important. Try getting the best bargains from both the Internet and the local market and you can turn your retreat into a finely organized space.