Getting your home right is not always about hiding the mess in the closets, but at times making sure that the closets themselves exude class and style. Setting your wardrobe in order is something that should be simple but ends up becoming a tough and often daunting task as you tend to ignore its needs (or you’re too lazy to keep things in proper shape by cleaning up every now and then). But the perfect wardrobe can really enhance your lifestyle, add to the beauty and efficiency of your home and most importantly can save you precious few minutes each morning. Here is how you can get there…

#1 Keep it clutter-free

There is absolutely no doubt that the most important and the easiest way to keep your wardrobe in perfect condition is to ensure that it’s tidy and clutter-free. A closet that is trimmed up, devoid of all the rubbish that you never put on and has plenty of space available for future additions is the one that looks the best. For this you need to be ruthless and throw away stuff that you have not used in a while— or never ever again.

#2 Store the accessories in a separate shelf

Keep all the accessories in shelves that are separate from your clothes. This way you not only avoid mess but also make sure that they are handy and easy to find when needed.

#3 Keep the less-used stuff in hard to reach places

If you own stuff that is seasonal like some special shoes, an umbrella, winter socks or any other stuff that don’t see light often, then assign the hard-to-reach boxes. This way you give more space to clothes and accessories you use on a more regular basis.

#4 Leave a separate and ample space for special dresses

There might be those extra long gowns, a special dress or something that you cherish and love a lot. Have separate storage spaces for the stuff you use only on special occasions. Get this section custom-crafted depending on the amount of space you want and the length that you need.

#5 Use the right type of hangers

Try using hangers with style and material that fits your needs best. They range from the simple ones in plastic to the really fancy ones that can even glow in the dark! So, you have a range of options here to prep up your wardrobe and make it absolute best if you wish to do so.

#6 Clean it regularly and let it remain fresh

Some good old fashioned cleaning and vacuuming once in a while is exactly what your wardrobe needs. Make sure the closet is in decent shape and once in a while check for wood infestations and defects.

When it comes to the place that houses the way you dress up and how you look, you surely can afford to spare the effort and time. Isn’t it?