It seems that the much feared recession woes are hitting every industry and the best advice that most finance experts are giving today is to save what you have. But if you have just started thinking about decorating your home or office, does it mean that you put the plans away for several months now? Obviously not, as there are plenty of ways to redo your home without spending loads of cash on it. Here’s how …

#1 Pick a theme for your home and stick to it strictly

Planning is the most important part of saving money when decorating and the entire process starts in the mind. Pick a theme for your home and this will streamline the stuff that you need to purchase and will give you a clear idea about what exactly you need. Some themes are obviously better than others when it comes to saving cash. A minimalist theme is the most preferred when it comes to saving costs while a grand Victorian style is not really advisable.

#2 Love your décor and buy only the necessary stuff

If you are bringing home a piece of furniture and accessory, make sure that you really love it and will not be tempted to change it within no time. Make sure you stay away from the temptations that salesmen throw at you. It happens so many times that we go shopping and plan to buy one thing but we bring home another.

#3 Research extensively and shop online if needed

Before you buy something, make an extensive research  where it’s available at the lowest cost. Don’t forget to inquire about the shipping charges. The web is a good way to get started as most sites offer some real cool deals and ship stuff for free to your doorstep. Of course, make sure the dealer is reputable and you’re not being cheating with a cheap fake.

#4 Use DIY solutions to save money on decoration

Look up all around and you will find various solutions to your needs. All you need is a bit of creativity, time and patience to transform something useless into something unique that you could use. It might take time, but it will save you loads of cash, give you great satisfaction and reduces the trash that you need to get rid off. You can craft doormats out of old garments or make your own shelves out of plastic waste. Just let your imagination fly!

#5 Sell the old décor to generate money for the new

If you have old stuff lying around and it’s unlikely you will ever use them again, then sell it and buy new décor with that cash. Sure, it may not cover much, but whatever you earn with the sale will reduce your decorating costs.

The most important thing to do is to have a perfect proper plan before you get started so that you do not get confused in the middle of it all and end up wasting money and time. Saving costs with home decorating requires patience and an eye for the smart deals…

So keep those eyes open!