Your home is much more than the four walls that surround you and most often people tend to ignore the fact that the ceiling above them and the floor under their feet need to compliment for the perfect look. But getting that flawless carpet for your home is not just about the looks but also to ensure that you keep the flooring secure as you pamper your senses. So here are a few tips that will guide you through the process of picking out and bringing home what you need.

#1 Consider the space available and the usage

Like in the case of the furniture you pick, the single most important factor that you need to keep in mind is the space on offer and the traffic the carpet has to bear. For your living room, go for wool because it’s generally the highest quality material. You can choose cheaper for the walkway or patio. Just make sure you have the exact measurements of the room that you are buying the carpet for.

#2 Check for the twist in the yarn and the quality of the fabric

There are so many varieties of carpet fabric available today that you better do a good deal of homework and background check before you go out to pick one. It is a general accepted norm that the number of twists in the yarn gives you a fair indication of carpet quality. Buy quality …

#3 Ensure that the color and design match your interiors

The color and the design of the carpet should match that of your existing interiors. If you have a minimalist style going then pick the neutral shades along with blacks and whites. Dark reds can go well with a romantic theme while light green is obviously the way to go if you love nature. If you wish to remain neutral and yet trendy, then try cool blues along with whites. Bright shades accentuate the lighting of the room and make it more intense.

#4 Check for stain, static and soil protection

Modern day carpets are nothing like the ones that were once sold. They used to need a great deal of maintenance and care. These days there are ‘magic’ carpets that have soil, static and stain protection. You might have to pay a lot initially, but once you do bring them home, you can say they’ll last longer with far less attention and time devoted. So spend your cash wisely for long term benefits.

#5 Get the right padding and go to a reliable dealer

The level of padding under the carpet is determined by the surface it is laid on and the amount of traffic that it needs to withstand. Get a professional to lay it down for you and ensure that you get extra padding. Get your carpet from the right dealer and check for warranty before you bring it home. This will save you hassles later on.

Remember that buying a carpet is a long term investment and you need to decide exactly how much money you are willing to spend on it and how long you will use one before you opt to change. Keep the above tips in mind and look out for some good deals and you will not be disappointed!