The biggest problem that not just interior designers but the whole of mankind faces today, is the tricky situation in regards to limited space. With the room around us shrinking so rapidly, small studio apartments challenge with their limited spaces. So how exactly are we going to fit so much into so little? Here are some tips that will help you figure out just that…

Choose wisely and edit ruthlessly

The most basic way of making a small studio apartment look real awesome is by making sure that it does not actually appear small and cluttered. The best way to do this is by ensuring that you only bring in what is absolutely necessary and by phasing out all that is not essential. Unlike a large space, there is no luxury of putting up stuff for mere aesthetics. Utility has to be your priority.

Create a well-defined and sufficient storage space

When you are picking and choosing as much as you do in case of a small studio apartment, it is important to have a sufficiently large storage space that is concealed and will hold all the stuff that you won’t throw away. Must be spacious and well-maintained.

Make specific areas and stick to a single flowing theme

A small studio apartment feels right, when you have a single theme flowing throughout. Do not overdo the design aspect and complicate things. Keep it single and simple. Also create well defined areas and rooms to ensure that one does not encroach on the other. This will once again make it easy for you while shopping for furnishings as you will have an idea about what goes where and how much space is available for a particular piece of furniture.

Lighting and dividers

Usage of dividers will demarcate the space and while sometimes it is a good idea to use thin glass, you can try wood as well. It all depends on your need and taste. Use the right lighting as it brings out the beauty of the apartment and makes it look less congested.

Buy smart, space-conscious furniture

This is the age where furniture is also programmed to multi-task, so invest in something that saves on space. There are many ways you can do it. Starting with a sofa set that will double up as a bed to smaller bathtubs that fit quietly into a corner. If you are willing to go the extra yard and search, you will always find a good deal on smart gear.

Designing a small apartment studio into a cozy little hub is not a very easy task. For the transformation to take place, it requires imagination, patience and an ability to be highly resourceful. These simple steps along with specific solutions for individual spaces will surely help you get over your small scale designing woes.