It’s tough to spend on “high-end” or “luxury” kitchen renovations in an economic downturn. Compared to a complete overhaul, a more affordable option is to update your kitchen by installing a backsplash of stylish and eclectic glass tiles. Not only will a homeowner save a significant amount of money, a glass tile backsplash will completely transform the look and value of your kitchen. Before the renovation, this kitchen was lackluster, dim, and the worn-out backsplash blended in with the cabinets making the kitchen seem a lot smaller than it was. The backsplash was just a painted dry wall which proved hard to clean from grease and food.

Wanting a sophisticated, modern and affordable new look, the owner consulted with interior designer Eli Mechlovitz, founder of Mechlovitz suggested that the owner install some high-end, bright, lightly-toned glass tiles as a backsplash; the right combination would brighten up the kitchen. They choose the Super White Frosted blend from, which provided simple clean lines to contrast against the dark cabinetry. When the project was completed, the white glass tiles opened up the kitchen design to more natural light, created a textural background, and added more dimensions – which made the space seem larger and more luxurious. The use of narrow, smaller tiles and a brick pattern generated visual energy for the eye.