Patio is more than a mere extension of your home. If done and designed just right it turns into your own personal comfort zone and a relaxation spa in your very own house.

Modern patios are often extravagant and over indulgent forcing many to believe that a good look patio comes at a heavy price tag. That surely is not the case if you plan to perfection. Sitting under the umbrella and basking in the first warm rays of summer to melt away all that winter lethargy while sipping on a glass of martini is a treat that your patio holds for you.

Here is how you can make that dream come true…

Chose according to the space available and the existing pattern of the home

Like decorating every other space that resides inside your home, the furniture for your patio is also governed by the available space. The open patio still contains limited floor space and it is important that you preserve the openness of the space while decorating it appropriately. Do not over-crowd your patio. Also remember that it is indeed a part of the home and hence you can either continue to follow the theme of the home or you can go for an extravagant outdoor theme.

Keep in mid the local weather and wind conditions

While your interior furniture is always sufficiently protected from the harsh weather on the outside, the same cannot be said for the furnishings in your patio. If you happen to live in a windy area, pick heavier furniture. Otherwise stylish plastic furniture is a good option for calmer places. Take the local rainfall or even snowfall patterns into consideration before you pick the right material for your patio furniture.

Maintain matching color patterns and set a theme to follow

Set a common pattern for your patio and build upon a theme that you have already envisioned. Different materials create different moods. A newly wed couples or those who have just moved in to live together can pick Wicker, which creates a romantic effect. You can use wrought iron and metal for a more Victorian and retro feel. Bamboo is also starting to become a popular option for patio furniture as it exudes a natural look and presents a very durable option. Also use shades that go well with the chosen theme.

Chose wisely when it comes to picking the material for furniture and take proper care

If you wish to pick wooden furniture for your patio, then make sure that you have the patience and time to care for it. Wood looks great, but being a natural material will be subject to the wear and tear of time and elements. Concrete is a safe long term option, while aluminum and plastic are the modern choices that give a contemporary and minimalist look.

Pick the right combination of swings, tables, lounges and chairs

Think about how many chairs you wish to put up in your lounge before picking a center table of the right size. You can also improvise using swings and lounges, but make sure that your choice matches with the utility of the patio. It all depends on whether you wish to host lots of parties, make it a silent romantic retreat of a playhouse for children. Patio furniture can be specific for each need.

Go solar if possible and spice it up with a barbecue grill

Lighting up your patio with solar lights is both cool, hassle-free and something that will save you loads of cash in terms of bills, wiring and other nuisances. There are many awesome solar lighting options available that will go perfectly well with every occasion. Also put up a barbeque grill if you wish to spice it up a tad bit!

A patio is one place in your home which allows you to create your own retreat away from all the troubles of daily life. It also gives you a great opportunity to create and expand your home. So, next time you are planning to decorate your patio, plan carefully before hitting the stores!