David Deltony is a furniture artist whose skill and expertise is in turning wood into sculptured art. Art you can sit or work on!  His organic art pieces are not only outstanding visually but they also are comfortable to sit on. People who enjoy the beauty of wood grain will also appreciate his Aprodite reclining rocker in black cherry, Clam, a two level desk and chair set in black walnut and Lotus, a single rocking chair in laminated plywood shown here. Only in the hands of a master woodworker will you see plywood look this good!

David Deltony trained as a Master Cabinetmaker in Germany. He applies those skills to make his art furniture. The process is long and ardous. First he has to envision his design and initiate the work with sketches or clay models. He then joins and laminate wood to get the starting shape.  He adds, ” Hours of chain saw sculpting, sanding and finishing result in functional studio furniture pieces which combine my artistic vision with ergonomics and the highest level of craftsmanship.” Indeed. He is now based in Utah, USA. You can contact him via his website for further information and pricing.