Candles are always so pretty with their twinkling lights. They are especially popular at this time of year but as any fire department will attest, they are a safety hazard as too many fires are caused by unattended candles. However, with the LED Blow On-Off Candles from Thinkgeek, you can enjoy the subdued lighting safely. These are made from solid wax and will flicker just like the real thing. The best part is that you not only can blow out the candle but you can blow them on too!  Try doing that with a real candle!

Each candle has a switch to choose between two colours – a cool blue or yellow flame. Three heights are available – 3″,4″ and 6″ and run on batteries – button or AAA depending on the size of the candles. The price of $12-$15 is worth the piece of mind.