Zestyping so enjoyed coming up with this unique interior design approach that he posted photos of how he and his friend, Metamouse did it in 10 easy steps on his livejournal. The final room design looks like a typical living room. It’s when people are in it that things really start looking weird. Remember, there are no Photoshop tricks involved! The first picture shows the two conspirators inside their room. They look like they are standing sideways on the wall. But really, they are actually standing on the real floor. All the furniture, window dressings and accessories are attached on the walls and ceiling!

The livejournal entry shows how they did it starting with an empty room. They took two days to complete the task. One for painting and the other to decorate it. Zestyping says he wants to do crazy art installations for a living. If he is this creative, who knows where his future lies? – Via