This unique piece of furniture presents brand new idea how to make your home a little private gallery. Based on an elaborate concept and a carefully planned study this unique artistic creation is a perfect combination of functionality, and the art of painting, sculpturing and design. The idea of combining these elements is definitely one of the most interesting and unusual ideas, which has not been seen before. The piece is made of wood, dressed in canvas, and oil painted. It is 3,8m in length, 2,15m max in height and 1m max in depth.

New, revolutionary design of unique pieces of furniture does not only pervade the space, filling it up with a soul of its own, but also creates a charismatic essence of the object of art itself. This piece is the fruit of work of two promising young artists; Klemen Benedik, painter and designer, and Tomaž Erzeti?, sculptor and designer, both from Slovenia (EU). Elaborately planed furniture design and a tender, refined painting are the artistic soul and an added value of this unique piece of furniture, which moves one’s heart by its very existence, suggesting and narrating its story.