Bought a new bed recently? Or a new living room set? You may have noticed that beds are not made of the same standard height nor are sofas. It’s so annoying then to have to get brand new sides when the old ones are still perfectly fine. You won’t have this problem though if you had bought the Panier tables. Several of them in your house will give you great flexibility in table heights as you can stack any number of them. A whole tower of these in a corner will not only store them neatly but they will have a pleasing effect on your decor.

The French design team Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec designed these modular tables. Each is only 9″ high and the diameter is 24″. The translucent colours and shine of the polycarbonate tables will suit a contemporary decor. The tops lift off which means the tables function also as storage units. The Panier is available from Hive. – Via