As the world fights to take a grasp of the global financial situation, the Middle East churns out one big construction project after the other. The Leed Platinum Twin Eco Towers to be built in Abu Dhabi was revealed during Cityscape last week.

The 23 storey building – supposedly known as the Eco Towers will be built with a Leed Platinum certification and is being structured by Connection Real Estate for a budget of $245 million. The two towers, one of which will be for commercial use while the other will be used for residential purposes, will be built on a pedestal housing a grand shopping plaza.

Solar power, air purification systems, natural green terraces, toxic free materials, effective insulation, an abundance of natural light, easy access to several local services and many more exceptional features will give the Twin Towers a perfect quality LEED certificate. The project is another step towards the green revolution and I must say it looks amazing. – via JetsonGreen