In these days one of the most interesting ways to dress your walls and to give it individuality is to add wall decals to it. A vinyl wall decal can give your wall a unique look just in few minutes, without going through the long, messy and expensive process of paint or wall paper. Vinyl wall decals are very popular now because they are inexpensive, easy to apply, and with so many designs, it’s easy to find something that fits every taste. You can also choose a removable wall decal that is great because it makes it easy to change your mind and create something new. For today post I’ve found some really beautiful vinyl wall designs from Thesurfacestore Urban Wall Decals collection, that are available for $42, $55, & $90 depending on your favorite design.

I would say to people that are looking for some decals, but don’t know how to start, that wall decals can be either a subtle element in your room or the central element. I suggest that people first think about the space they want to fill or the ambiance they want to create in a room, then find the wall decal that you love and have fun with it. The great thing is that they are removable and you are not locked in to any one decision. I also know some people that change their decals often or use them to create a specific ambiance for an event (parties,weddings, the changing season etc).