After you see this incredible outdoor lighting installation, you will yearn to change the cheap solar lights in your garden. Bruce Munro, a British lighting designer will  installing his iconic Field of Light again this winter at the Eden Project in the English county of Cornwall. This immense installation will use 6,000 acrylic tube lights containing optical fibers. The effect of so many small lights coming on at night is akin to the blooming of desert flowers after a rainstorm. The effect of the lights by a lake or pond is particularly lovely.

Munro was inspired to make his Field of Lights after a trip to the Australian desert years ago. He remembered stopping by roadside campsites each adorned with some large surreal sculpture like a giant banana or merino sheep. So, together with the blooming desert flowers, he thought he could make something surreal in the barren darkness of night.

The lights at the Eden Project will cover 60 meters x 20 meters using an incredible 24,000 meters of optical fibres.  In the works for next year is his massive illuminated maze synchronized with choral music called Water Towers at the Rook Lane Arts in Frome.