Located in Massachusetts, in Dukes County, Martha’s Vineyard is an island off the US east coast famous for its harsh winters and “tough” local restrictions when it comes to building new home. At least that’s what architect Darren Petrucci had to deal with when he came up with the VH R-10 gHouse design. I thought it’s a plane turned into a house when I first read how they named it, but trust me it’s a vacation guesthouse.

Made for himself and his wife, Darren Petrucci managed to build a compact and spare house with lots of personal touches, using modern materials and furniture. On the first floor there’s a kitchen, a living area, and a master bedroom all featured withing lovely large windows with rain-screen panels (used for privacy). The guy also built a loft/study that is accessible by a ladder from the living room and changes the 600 sq ft living space into a 1,00 sq ft area. – via ArchRecord