A few months ago we presented “A Chapel that was Converted Into a Modern Apartment by Zecc” , the chapel was part of a large housing complex of the Friars of Utrecht, which at its height, around the mid-20th century, housed 217 residents. Today I would like to present another challenge that an interior design agency had. They ( the Apartment ) completely converted a 7,000 square-foot YMCA gym into a beautiful 5 bedroom apartment building, and I can say that every details of the apartment is stunning, from the vibrant colors to the detailed wallpaper and carpets. The place was in disrepair from years of abandonment ( as you can see in the picture below ) and needed some love.


In converting the oldest YMCA gym, all of the colors were completely revamped, and a lot of restoration occurred, but the building still contains some of the original features. The original girders are still in place, although restored and painted to match the contemporary style. Green rugs and pink furniture are mixed with the unpainted concrete floors. The rooms are a mix of vibrant chairs, covering a wooden floor painted with court lines. The whole building is a perfect collaboration of the original gym, mixed with a new contemporary feel. Now take a look at the final result …amazing !