I’m a green fan, and when I say that it means that I care about the environment and I try to do as little harm as I can. Seeing this new penthouse in Lower Manhattan, downtown New York, I realized that I can do more. I can have my own green spot right in my newly renovated apartment.

But back to our 3,100 sq-ft penthouse in New York, which is owned by Matthew Blesso, 35, a real estate developer. The guy managed to turn it into something that “has life”, with the help of two Yale professors, the architect Joel Sanders and the landscape architect Diana Balmori. The investment was close to $1 million but bringing nature into your apartment is not cheap.

What I love the most about it is the stunning rooftop garden with an outdoor shower (how cool is this?), the drip irrigation system, the walnut table, the way they mixed plants and wood (walls, floors, etc). I simply love what they did with the vertical bathroom wall that has peace lily, peperomia and prayer plants in it. It’s like I can smell harmony … don’t you? -via ApartmentTherapy