Ever slept under a cardboard box? Probably not. There is a unique project launched in the form of duvet covers by Le Clochard. When I first saw these pictures I wasn’t sure whether the bedding was made out or real carton or cotton, but after I’ve read a little about this project I’ve found that they are made out soft 100% cotton and you can really sleep under it. The Le Clochard Project by SZN hopes to help young homeless people in the Netherlands. A large portion of the proceeds from the sale of the quilt cover and the pillow cases goes towards helping young folks in the Netherlands find work or continue education. For those of you who would like to contribute to this project, or just have a really interesting duvet cover they are available from Snurkengoed’s website, in several sizes in a price range from about $73 to $117. A set of two pillow cases costs about $22. For international buyers you can purchase it from this website. – Via – Doobybrain