For the last 10 minutes, I’ve been staring at this house and I still don’t get it. Why would someone in Japan get the Tokyo-based architects Torafu to design a family home that looks like that? And yes, I’m talking about that weird shaped roof. Aside for the common qualities which include cover from rain and letting light get in, on the interior it’s used as a moderate separator. Located in a quiet residential region on the hilltop suburb of Kohoku, in Yokohama, this modern/weird house is no more than 3 meters in width and is made completely out of cast concrete.

The happy owners, are a couple that wanted Torafu to design a small (one-story) but sunshiny house. That’s why the roof looks the way it does. All these pictures make me think how comfortable is this simple living arrangement (that looks like some sort of bunker) because I’m not yet seduced. Are you? – via Dezeen