The ‘Rainbow Desk’ designed and made by the furniture artist Allan Lake is a unique three-drawer writing desk that celebrates the colorful diversity of British native hardwoods. Combinations of Walnut, Sycamore, Elm, Oak and Yew all contribute to its unique aesthetics. All the wood that Allan uses are sourced from sustained woodlands. This piece was made on commission and its look and function tailored to the requirements of the client, the strength and beauty to be found within this piece reflect the defining qualities of the lady it was made for.

Allan believes within wood there is to be found an innate sporadic beauty, each piece being truly unique. As a furniture artist his aim is to re-establish this beauty with the addition of function back into our living spaces. All his furniture is custom made to suite each client’s tastes and requirements, from rocking chairs, desks, beds through to a conference table and chairs. All projects and creations are considered and your inquiries welcome. There are also hand crafted one-off pieces made in the workshop for sale, for more information about these speculative works visit the Allan Lake Sculpted Furniture website where you can find out more about his work and see more images of his work.