The Yu Chair is a great furniture piece made by Pascal Bardel from his Hong Kong-based Sequoia Studios combine the best of both worlds: technology and art, industry and imagination, the geek and the formal visionary. An outdoor/indoor chair made of cast one piece white polyethylene, its cushion is simple rigid foam with a washable cotton cover (available in four colors). The design is austere yet engaging, minimalist yet distinctive, a combination that befits the name: of Chinese origin, “Yu” refers to jade, but actually translates as “rain” and “the most beautiful stone.”

Though most Westerners don’t consider jade a “precious gem” like gold or silver, it “was invaluable to the Chinese people of ancient times… an integral part of commercial, religious and ceremonial life, although the finest jade was used in Imperial courts, the use of jade in everyday life crossed all socioeconomic boundaries.” – Via