Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious house with a basement where the family pet cat’s litter box is out of sight (and smell). But many pet owners don’t have the luxury such as apartment dwellers. The kitty litter has to go somewhere fairly visible and it’s not a pretty sight.

So you may be delighted to know that The Refined Feline has cat furniture with style! Their Refined Litter Boxes look just like small cupboards with the hole for the cat on the side.  Open up the doors to access the litter box for cleaning. They have a range of wood veneer colours to match most decors. Their Catemporary Cat Box is white with the cat hole in the front.

They also make a great range of stylish cat towers and Kit-in boxes which are clever cat perches for your desk so kitty can be with you but not on your papers and your keyboard!