There are times when words are not necessary to make a point and that’s one of them. But I’m still going to give you a few details on L.A.’s Beverly Crest neighborhood and the house (the Campbell Divertimento) that has a 5,000 square foot swimming pool with a towering stone fountain.

Thought to be designed by the famous Mexican architectural firm of Luis Barragan and Raul Ferrera the 4,900-square-feet house is now owned by Eugene Leoni and his business partner, Anthony Brent. Even though we know there’s no such thing as “perfect” you can see for yourself that it’s so close. Redesigned to make it look better, Leon and Brent wanted to sell it for a small profit, after everything is done. Seeing the outcome, they priced it at $9.95 million.

The first floor is for entertaining purposes with a game room, a long dramatic bar and wine room, along with a bedroom suite. Up one level, and you’ll find a large living room with a glossy kitchen and a dining room, a huge window that offers magnificent views, a master bedroom suite and terrace, and two stylish bedroom suite. Do you simply love it? Check out the gallery after the break. – via Luxist