Remember the sunny California beach house, from the other days? Well if liked it, we have another from Gunyah beach in Bundeena, Australia. Created by architect Clinton Murray, solid as a rock and intended “last forever”, it wasn’t easy to tuck it into the hillside, very close to the breaking shoreline.

“The house sits with its toes touching the sea and with an exposed worn rock face at its back, both constant reminders of the power of wild storms blowing in from the north-east. And should the big seas come, this house is a safe haven, no question about it.”

But enough with the location and how solid this beach house is, because the interior is just as spectacular as the site itself. The whole house is made of reused Oregon timber and textured off-form concrete which contrasts with the orange, really well. It has a main living quarters with everything you may need (including three master bedrooms with en-suite balconies) for a relaxing vacation and a copper clad roof to offer stunning ocean views. – via Modresdes